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Pray and Publish Books & Media Group would like to sincerely thank everyone who is choosing to support our cause to spread the hope, joy, and deliverance of God's salvation using books, film, and special events throughout the world.  Recently, we have been asked to provide a way for those who would like to support our vision through monetary sponsorship to do so.  All proceeds will go towards facilitating new materials, developing new content, providing additional resources, and hosting future events to further the mission of Pray and Publish Books & Media Group.  Your contributions are greatly appreciated!

*** Pledge a one-time amount of $100, and you will receive an autographed copy of LOVE ABUSE - The Ahavah Booth Story by Naiomi Pitre once it is released in November of 2019 and an autographed copy of The Sharon Print (release date TBD) edited by Naiomi Pitre, your name and/or business name included on the sponsor page on our website and future event itinerary handouts, and two lifetime tickets to any and ALL future events, regardless of price or location (airfare and room/board not included). ***

Every dollar is greatly appreciated. We can't do this alone.  It is with your help and support that we can reach millions of women worldwide who are in need of this ministry. Thank you.

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